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As moms, we are very busy, and sometimes/often very tired. I know, we want to do all that stuff that needs to be done, and if the day would have 100 hours we would still be working all day long. That's why we need to RELAX. And we need to spend time with our kids. Children grow up so fast, and one of our most important responsibility and our biggest joy as moms, is spending quality time with our kids.

I am a mom and I know how important this is! That's why I've dedicated my work to help moms and kids get creative together, to help them bring Joy, Love, and Creative Freedom in to day-to-day life. My name is Alina (my friends call me Ally), I am a creative mom of two and I Love Creativity! I have worked as a graphic designer, in love with colors and shapes for many years and I've organised personal development creative workshops for kids and grown ups. Now, because I wish to help more people get creative together, I'm publishing creative kits for moms & kids. I know how happy children are to make creative projects, and so are their moms! Creativity is magical! It holds the key to Joy and Freedom! When you start to live your Life in a creative way, it's easy to feel happy, because you use your thoughts in a way that serves you! In my opinion, one of the best things that moms can teach their children is to live Life in a creative way.

So... I wanted to create for moms & kids from all around the world a product simple to use, easy to share and useful to enjoy time in a creative manner!

And here they are, MyCreativeMandalas collections! The healing and relaxing role of mandala coloring is well known, also the positive influence of colors and inspirational words. Making creative projects with MyCreativeMandalas will help you relax and reconnect with your kids. You will also have lots of fun!

So relax, choose your colors, and create something fabulous in your own way! With MyCreativeMandalas collections it's so easy!

coloringWould you like to try it? You can download the JOY collection teaser for free by subscribing to MyCreativeMandalas newsletter, or you can buy MyCreativeMandalas collections with instant download !specia gift  With MyCreativeMandalas collections you can make special gifts for your loved ones and inspirational decoration for your home! And remember, the most important part is to use your Creativity and to bring Love and Joy and Creative Freedom in to your day-to-day life! 

If you have questions, or if you want to share with me your creations, please feel free to contact me. :)

Embrace Creativity and bright colors in to your daily life! And now, let me present you MyCreativeMandalas!

Take a look!

Here are some photos we've made

I would be delighted to hear about your creative projects made with MyCreativeMandalas!

Please feel free to share some photos with your projects if you like. We would LOVE to see them!! :)

What Other Moms Say?

Thank you Ally! We made a lot of beautiful creations with the JOY collection! It's so simple to use, we make new projects every week!


I love it! It's so easy to make cute gifts! My kids love it to! We have a lot of fun! Thank you! We recommend it for family time!


It's so simple and fun! My daughter loves the happy TEA collection! And I love the JOY collection! It's very relaxing.


Why moms and kids love MyCreativeMandalas?

They get amazing benefits! You will love it too.

My aim is to help moms and kids get creative together, to help them bring Joy, Love and Creative Freedom in to day-to-day life. I am very happy to present you some of the benefits that I've noticed and other moms confirmed.

First of all, you can relax and you can share quality time with your kids! This is priceless! And you both develop your Creativity! And there is a lot more.

Makeing creative projects with MyCreativeMandalas your kids acquire patience, perspicacity, focus, self confidence, generosity (when they choose to offer their creations) and ...they learn to enjoy their time and Creativity! That's so important! And you? You can just relax, reconnect with that Zen part of yourself and enjoy the good creative time! :)

You can make colorful decoration for your home that will make you smile. I am sure you will find the best places to expose  your colorful creations.

You can make special gifts for your loved ones. This is awesome! Kids usually feel proud and fulfilled to create beautiful presents for family members and friends!

You can print more pages and invite your friends to make something beautiful together. You can also use them for parties and other events to offer a fun and relaxing activity that children will love. :)

Do you have more then one child? MyCreativeMandalas collections are great for children of all ages. Children can choose whether they want to use colored pencils or watercolor, gel pens, markers, acrylics or else, and make interesting creative projects for their age.

You can print as many copy as you wish and you can make as many creative projects as you like! By changing the paper type, or the paper color, or the colors that you use, you get new interesting projects every time. 

You de-stress. Mandala coloring is so relaxing! Colors and beautiful words contribute to your Creativity and... to your well being!

So, relax, get creative with your kids and let the magic begin! With MyCreativeMandalas it's so simple! And you can start today! MyCreativeMandalas collections come with INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

With MyCreativeMandalas it's so easy!

You'll see!

choose your PAPER

1. Choose your paper!

You can print them on any type of paper you wish and suits your printer (acrylic paper, watercolor paper, card paper, craft card paper).
You can print them on white paper, or... cream, vanilla, pink, your choice! And you can print as many copy as you wish to share with your family and friends.

2. Choose your colors!

Watercolors? Acrylic painting? Colored pencils? Watercolor pencils? Oil pastels? Wax crayons? Gel pens? Markers?

Choose what you wish and combine them as you want! Feel free to make as many color combinations as you like!

happy tea

3. Enjoy your creativity with your kids! :)

Color, cut and decorate your mandalas! Create paintings, cards and beautiful bookmarks, and... make your own cute decorations and unique gifts for your loved ones! So simple, made with love for moms & kids!

Make beautiful creations that will cheer up your day and offer some to your family and friends!

Beautiful colors with inspirational messages will always bring smiles and Joy!1

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When can I receive MyCreativeMandalas collection?

Right now!

MyCreativeMandalas are digital products, right after purchasing your collection you will receive a link for INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

MyCreativeMandalas comes in pdf format, international A4 size, for easy print and use! You can open the pdf with Adobe Acrobat, or other pdf reader.

MyCreativeMandalas products are for personal, non-commercial use only.

You can print them on any type of paper you wish and suits your printer, and you can color, cut and decorate your mandalas as you wish! Create paintings, cards and beautiful bookmarks, and... make your own cute decorations and unique gifts for your loved ones!

Please feel free to contact me  if you need any further information.

Get your MyCreativeMandalas JOY collection for only $24.88!

Your mandala JOY collection includes: 10 mandalas, 10 bookmarks and 10 cards in a pdf format that you can open with Adobe Acrobat, or other pdf reader.

Instant download!

Buy now MyCreativeMandalas happy TEA collection 1 for only $9.88!

HappyTEA collection 1 includes: 5 mandalas, 5 bookmarks and 5 cards in a pdf format that you can open with Adobe Acrobat, or other pdf reader.

Instant download!


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